About the IPTC Sport Schema

IPTC Sport Schema was created by the IPTC Sports Content Working group, the team behind SportsML.

Please note that the schema documented on this site is not a production ready version of the Sport Schema. We have released our initial work in order to solicit feedback and suggestions from others. Please do not rely on this model for your production work - yet!

Thanks to the following IPTC member delegates and invited experts who have contributed to the development of the IPTC Sport Schema over the past few years:

  • Paul Kelly, Product Consultant and lead of the Sports Content Working Group (IPTC Individual Member)
  • Brendan Quinn, Managing Director, IPTC
  • Silver Oliver, Data Architect, Data Lanugage (IPTC Associate Member)
  • Paul Harman, Bloomberg LP (IPTC Voting Member)
  • Drew Wanczowski, MarkLogic (IPTC Associate Member)
  • Paul Wilton, Data Architect, Data Language (IPTC Associate Member)
  • Johan Lindgren, TT (IPTC Voting Member)
  • Nathan Matten, XML Team (IPTC Associate Member)
  • Tom Grahame, BBC (IPTC Voting Member)
  • Steve Potts, BBC (IPTC Voting Member)
  • Jim Howard, Product Consultant (Invited expert)
  • James Edwards, Spotlight Sports Group (Associate Member)
  • Trond Huso (IPTC Individual Member)
  • Bob DuCharme, Consultant (Invited expert)
  • Chris Coffee, NBC Universal (Invited expert)